Episode 75: 2 Samuel 19-24 Final Reflections on David’s Reign

In this episode, we finish 2nd Samuel. We talk about one final rebellion that David has to deal with as well as some strange stories at the end of the book which at first don’t seem to fit in.

Discussion with your kids: What is the strangest thing you’ve heard from the Bible? Is there a story from the Bible that you’ve heard that didn’t make sense at first, but now seems even better?

Episode 74: 2 Samuel 16-19 David’s Son Absalom Rebels

This episode deals with the death of David’s son Absalom. We see what happens when he starts a rebellion and tries to kill his own father to take the throne.

Discussion questions for your kids: Do your friends ever try to get you to do bad things? Is it easier to get them to do good things if you haven’t done a lot of bad stuff around them before? Why or why not?

Bonus: Here’s an article I wrote about how inefficiency can be pleasing to God.

Episode 73: 2 Samuel 13-15 David Loses His Son Amnon

In this episode, we explore the sad story of David’s sons.  We will see how the bad things we do always hurt more people than we think they will.

Questions to talk about with your kids: Have you ever thought that you could do a bad thing and it wasn’t that bad? Did the little bad thing ever turn into a big bad thing? Who can we turn to when we get ourselves into trouble?

P.S. Here’s a great article with links to get started reading, reciting, singing and praying with your family regularly.

Episode 72: 2 Samuel 11-12 David Tries to Hide His Sin

In this episode, we explore the tragic story of David and Bathsheba.  We will talk about how sin encroaches on our lives and the sad consequences of sin.  

Questions to talk about with your kids:

What kinds of things are you tempted to do that you know are wrong? Where do you do those kinds of things? How can you involve yourself in better things so that the bad things aren’t even an option?

Episode 71: 2 Samuel 8-10 David’s Faithfulness to His Covenant with Jonathan

We are going to examine the “high point” of David’s life. We’ll examine how David reacts to the news that God has given him an eternal kingdom.

Discussion with your kids: How do you treat people who don’t like you? What if you knew that they had been mean and unkind to you in the past? Do we avoid them or try to hurt them first? Why does God want us to show them love and kindness instead?

And if you haven’t had a chance to check out Thomas’ resource for helping your children get to know God more, here’s the link.

Episode 70: 2 Samuel 6-7 God Promises David an Everlasting Dynasty

Today we explore the stories of when David tried to move the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem and God’s blessing for David’s kingdom.  We learn about doing the right thing, even when it is difficult.

Discussion with your kids: Why does God give his blessings to David and his family of kings even though he knows they will mess up? Why do we need King Jesus to become our King?

And don’t forget to check out Thomas’ free resource to help your whole family enjoy and study the Bible together!

Episode 69: 2 Samuel 4-5 David Becomes King Over All Israel

Today, we learn about David capturing the capital of Jerusalem, and why big problems can sometimes become our greatest strengths.

Discussion with your kids: What are some things that you are scared of today? Who should we turn to when we are scared?

Here is the link to the Jerusalem pictures.

Bonus: Here’s an article I wrote about why we can quit trying so hard as parents.

Episode 68: 2 Samuel 2-3 David Becomes King over Judah

In this episode, we get to learn about the civil war in Israel that occurs when Saul’s son, Ish-Bosheth, tries to become king instead of God’s anointed king, David.

Discussion with your kids: How do we treat others when they’ve done something mean or wrong to us? Why does revenge never work?

Thomas and his wonderful family

Thomas also heads up a website called Lamp Lighters, which is a family devotional program whose sole purpose is to bring your family into God’s story by reading, singing, and praying together. 

“We designed each section to assist the overloaded parent with devoting time consistently to our God. We want to help you plant small seeds into your daily schedule that grow into beautiful gardens that bear fruit in every one of your family member’s lives.  Find out how to get started with this blog post.

Episode 67: 2 Samuel 1 David’s Lament over Saul and Jonathan

In this episode, guest Bible teacher Thomas Morse shares about David’s love for Saul, even though Saul didn’t treat David well.  We can learn how to love those who aren’t nice to us by learning from David and Jesus.

Discussion with your kids: Think of someone who isn’t nice to you at school, daycare, or church.  Think about some nice things you could do for them, and then make some plans to bless them!

Bonus: Here’s an article I wrote about why you don’t have to have all the answers.