Episode 15: Numbers 10-12 God Rescues His People From Their Complaining and Pride

In this episode, I share from Numbers, when God continued to travel with the Israelites even when they complained again and Moses’ brother and sister wanted to be the best, and how Jesus wants to make room in our hearts for His thoughts and invite us into the jobs He has for us to do.

Discussion with your kids: Share something that’s tempting for you to complain about. Ask your kids what tempts them to complain. Then, pray for each other, and ask for Jesus’ help!

Episode 14: Leviticus 24, 26, Numbers 1-6, 8-9 God Teaches the Israelites Their Roles in His Family

In this episode, I share from Leviticus and Numbers, how God wanted to bless the Israelites and teach them how to do their jobs as part of His family, and how Jesus wants to take us by the hand and lead us in the good works He has for us to do with Him.

Question for your kids: What is one of the good works Jesus wants to do with you today? You can tell them about one of yours, too.

Episode 13: Leviticus 1-7, 10-23, 25, 27 God Teaches the Israelites How to Live with Him

In this episode, I share from Leviticus about how God is teaching the Israelites to live with Him as part of His family, and how because of Jesus’ perfect sacrifice, we can run to Him for help no matter what we are going through.

Why not tell your kids one way you need Jesus’ help today and ask them the same thing? You could even pray about it together.

Episode 12: Exodus 34-40, Numbers 7, Leviticus 8-9 God’s Glory Fills the Tabernacle

In this episode, I share from Exodus 34-40, Numbers 7, and Leviticus 8-9, when God’s glory fills the tabernacle so He can live with His people and how Jesus has come as the perfect priest, offering forgiveness and His Spirit to live in our hearts.

Source: albanymissionarybaptist.org

Question for your kids: What do you imagine God’s home in your heart looks like?

Episode 11: Exodus 32-33 God Renews His Promise After Israel Chooses an Idol

In this episode, I share from Exodus 32-33, when Moses is away talking with God, and the Israelites choose to make an idol to worship and how receiving Jesus’ love and forgiveness frees us to follow God in the way He created us to live.

Question for your kids: If someone asked you why Jesus is better than anything else, what would you tell them?

Receiving the Blessing of Christ in You

We have not been abandoned. Many people around us might feel completely abandoned, but Jesus suffered the greatest abandonment when he cried out, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Jesus experienced that feeling of being forsaken so that they don’t have to. What better gift do we have to receive and offer others than an identity of sonship with the Father?

A few weeks ago, my husband Christopher was asked to give the Thanksgiving message at our church. Over supper one evening, he asked if we could work on the sermon together and I was delighted to get to sit on the couch and discuss it with him.

I’ve included the audio in two formats. The first one is my father-in-law’s radio program where Christopher got to share it, and the second is just the straight audio from his talk.

Happy listening!

Words of Hope

Audio File


Episode 10: Exodus 21-31 God Makes a Way to Live With the People

In this episode, I share from Exodus 21-31, when God teaches Moses how He has chosen to live with His people and how Jesus has made a way for God to live with us and in us. Hallelujah!

Question for your kids: Why do you think Jesus wants to be with us?

Episode 9: New City Catechism

In this episode of the Jesus is Better Podcast, I have my two special guests, Dorie and Ja’nya, go through The Gospel Coalition’s New City Catechism with me. This is a great episode your children can practice with as they learn 52 important beliefs about God.

The New City Catechism is copyrighted by Redeemer Presbyterian Church and used by permission of The Gospel Coalition.

You can access the free app, which includes songs for some of the questions at http://newcitycatechism.com/ or find print copies on Amazon.

My prayer is that this resource would be a springboard for further discussion as you invite your children to know Jesus more.

Episode 8: Exodus 18-20 God Gives Moses His Good Commands

In this episode, I share from Exodus 18-20, when God teaches the people the way life works best through His commandments, and how Jesus has kept the commandments perfectly on our behalf, inviting us to obey and run with Him in His good ways.

Question for your kids: What has Jesus been teaching you today?

Episode 7: Exodus 16-17 God Sends Bread from Heaven and Water from a Rock

In this episode, I storytell Exodus 16-17, when God provides food and water for the Israelites as He leads them through the wilderness and how Jesus invites us to trust in His provision as we rest in His good purposes for our lives.

A question for your kids: How has Jesus been taking care of you today?