Finn’s Favorite Stories: Pilgrim’s Progress Part 1

In this bonus episode, Finn and I tell one of his favorite stories from Pilgrim’s Progress, a spiritual allegory that was written in 1678 and has sold over 200 million copies since then. If you’d like to introduce your children to the whole story, I’d heartily recommend Pilgrim’s Progress Adapted for Children or Dangerous Journey: The Story of Pilgrim’s Progress.

With your kids: What is a lie Apollyon might say to you if you were journeying with Christian in the Valley of Humiliation? What truth could you shout back at him?

Episode 105: 2 Kings 4 God Restores Life to a Woman’s Son

In this episode, Finn and I talk about God’s power in raising a boy from the dead, and how through Jesus’ sacrifice, our dead hearts can be raised to life again. 

With your kids: Take turns thanking God for the different ways He is providing for your needs, and then thank Him for giving you a new heart! 

Episode 104: 2 Kings 3-4 God Rescues Joram’s Army

In this episode, Finn and I talk about God’s miracles for King Joram, King Jehoshaphat, and a needy widow and how God used Elisha to help them know that He is the true Conquering Redeemer. 

With your kids: Tell your kids the story of how you came to know Christ.

Peek at the Bonus Episodes

As we celebrate Resurrection Sunday in our homes, I wanted to make Finn’s bonus episode about Jesus’ death and resurrection available to everyone this Easter. He is Risen!

You can find the rest of the bonus episodes on

And. . . for the full story of Jesus’ death and resurrection, you can check out Episode 64 and 65 on the podcast.

Episode 103: 2 Kings 1-2 Elijah is Taken, Elisha Continues

In this episode, God shows His power to Ahaziah and takes Elijah up to heaven, while Elisha continues the ministry. In Christ, we get to be a faithful part of His Body with members from all across the world! 

With your kids: Who are the 5 people you talk to most often each week? Ask God to show you how you can talk with them about how great He is. 

P.S. Don’t forget, if you’re a patron, you can check out the latest bonus episodes on my patreon page, So far, Finn has told the stories of Samuel being born, David’s friendship with Jonathan, the end of Saul’s life, and Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Episode 102: 2 Chronicles 20 Jehoshaphat Sings and Wins the Battle

In this episode, I share about Jehoshaphat’s worshipful response to an enemy army coming against him and that as believers we have the Holy Spirit to help us understand the gift of His Word, the Bible. 

P.S. I’ve put some bonus episodes on my patreon page that are exclusively for patrons, and you’ll also have access to each regular podcast episode a week before it releases anywhere else. Happy listening! 

With your kids: What’s one thing that’s been making you feel nervous or scared or concerned lately? Share with each other and pray for each other, then sing a song of praise to God! 

Paint With Me

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. (Ephesians 2:10)

It’s an invitation to paint with Him, His hand holding mine, as we run the brush across the canvas to make something beautiful. It’s an invitation to get messy, not worrying if the paint gets in my hair or rubs on my face, because He loves me and enjoys being with me and has time for me. 

Each of my days can be a beautiful painting, offered for His delight, but also a process of doing something beautiful with Him. My paintings have looked different depending on the season. If each activity were a different color, some paintings would use many more colors than others. 

When I had baby Faith, her color of paint covered much of the canvas for a while, and there was less Bible study color, less housekeeping color, less phone conversation color, and less cooking color. God enjoys all the different kinds of paintings filled with the colors of loving my husband, the colors of planning meals, shopping, preparing, and cleaning up, the colors of caring for and training and teaching my children, and inviting them to enjoy God. And the colors of writing, and Bible studies, and music and watching a fun show. Some of the color is added when I am doing nothing but being held by God, and some strokes get interrupted before I think I’m finished. 

But each painting gets stuck to God’s fridge, part of all the paintings of my brothers and sisters in Christ, a mosaic of kingdom beauty. And when we stand together and look at the fridge, we praise Him for giving the paints and the ability to make something beautiful, remembering that He is guiding our hands to help us paint. And that even the splotches where we tried to pull our hand away from His get redeemed as He guides our hands again, reminding us of how much we need Him. 

Episode 101: 1 Kings 22, 2 Chronicles 17-19 The End of Ahab’s Life

In this episode, King Ahab refuses to listen to the Lord’s prophet and dies in battle, while King Jehoshaphat makes a poor decision but asks the Lord for help. We have an even better King, and can run to Him in repentance all because of Jesus’s sacrifice. 

With your kids: What is your least favorite chore to do? (And share yours.) What could you pray before doing that job?

Second Bonus Episode

Finn and I finished editing our second bonus episode where he tells the story of David and Jonathan’s friendship from 1 Samuel 20 and we discuss why Jesus is the best. If you’d like to listen and help sustain the podcast at the same time, you can swim over to my page.

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