Episode 43: Luke 2 Jesus is Born!

In this episode, I share from Luke 2 about how God worked all the pieces together for Jesus’ birth and how we can trust God to keep His promises to us and in all that we are still waiting for.

Discussion with your kids: Share a promise from God’s Word that has encouraged you lately, and invite your kids to do the same. You can even ask them, “Why do you think Jesus is better than anything else?”

2 thoughts on “Episode 43: Luke 2 Jesus is Born!

  1. I love how you shared this wonderful story again so carefully and accurately. The past two days I read through the first couple chapters of Luke, and for some reason, it was a little like reading it for the first time. I was just “blown away” by the sheer wonder and delight of this story. And even though it is covered with a sense of the miraculous, there is nothing about it that sounds like a “fable” or a made up story. You catch that in your sharing. And I liked your applications at the end. Thanks so much! DAD

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