What does it mean in John 15 for Jesus to be the Vine, the Father the Gardener, and me as a branch? Does the branch produce its own food? That’s the Vine’s job. Does it measure its fruitfulness? That’s the Gardener’s job. So what is my job? To drink in the Living Water coming through the roots of the Vine. Soaking in the truths of Scripture. Looking more like the Vine by obeying and repenting and knowing that I’ll never be cut off but only pruned with the pruning shears of transforming grace. And the grapes produced will be the grapes the Gardener shares with anyone who comes near so that when they take a bite, the juice dripping down their chins will be the sweetest thing they’ve tasted–the love and joy and peace of Christ. 

One thought on “Abide

  1. Love this post, Alicia. So glad you are learning to lean into the Vine for your nourishment and growth. He is the only one who can truly provide what we lack. I appreciated the truth that the Gardner is the one to share our fruit with others. Keep up the great writing and thinking that you do.

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