Episode 35: 1 Samuel 14-15 God Shows His Power Through Jonathan’s Faith

In this episode, I share from 1 Samuel 14-15 when Jonathan leads the Israelites in victory, but Saul makes foolish decisions, and how Jesus invites us to live under and be blessed by His authority and power.

Discussion with your kids: Where would you like Jesus to show His power? Pray together, inviting Him to work, and thank Him for how powerful He is.


3 thoughts on “Episode 35: 1 Samuel 14-15 God Shows His Power Through Jonathan’s Faith

  1. Hi Alicia!

    I’ve always loved the story of Jonathan and his iron man (it was the iron age, right?); it is one of my all-time favorites in the Bible. Hearing you tell it today made me ask some questions: Why did Jonathan not tell his dad? Could that have been a mistake? And concerning the after-math of the story: When/how did Saul become such a tyrant? How did he go from being apparently humble and others-focused to tooting his own horn and ordering people about “because I said so!”? The way in which he turned from the Lord is horrendous– it kind of scares me how he could love people’s praise so much… we see that later on too, when he is so jealous that David is getting praised. Finally, what was Samuel like? How did he come to be such a man of authority and listening to God? He seems to be so intimate with God, talking with Him all night, speaking His Word boldly, killing the unrighteous… A last thought on Jonathan– what a tough situation to be in– I feel that he at times tried to respect his dad, but he was a lot more logical and noble than him. And here he spoke out and reasoned that they could have been more effective maybe if his dad hadn’t crippled the army through fasting. It seems that Saul is exasperating not only his children, but the whole nation. That is a lesson.

    Thanks for reminding me of this story. And the fact that God’s power can meet us and work before us in tough situations. I am facing a rather difficult course this semester, and am definitely in need of God’s power. Feeling overwhelmed in general with this semester! Thanks for the reminder that God can do great things, not based on our resources, but His: “Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few.” Onward Christian Soldiers– Seek the Strength Source and do your/His exploits!

    1. Thanks for your reflections, Lynda. One of the most encouraging truths to me lately is that Jesus is with me and is going before me. Praying you would feel a deep sense of His loving presence as you study and fit all the pieces of your day together. Hugs to you!

  2. Alicia, well-done. As I listened, I recalled the many evenings Papa would tell me Bible stories. It had a significant impact on my life.

    Thank you


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