Jesus is Better Podcast Episode 1: Exodus 1-2 God Protects Moses

Hi friends!
I’m delighted to share with you my brand-new podcast for kids called Jesus is Better: Bible Stories with Gospel Joy.

Have you ever wondered why God included certain stories in the Bible? The Bible is meant to show us Jesus and his glorious gospel, yet often we get stuck focusing only on Bible heroes or bad guys with our kids.

In each episode, I will be storytelling a passage from the Bible, look at the choices that were made and how God is at work, and then show how God does the same for us–only better–in Jesus. You can play it for your kids, or listen alongside them!

This first episode begins with Exodus 1-2, as I tell how God protected Moses and how He protects us for eternal life through Jesus.

My desire for this podcast is that it would be a springboard for discussion with the precious children in your life as you seek to point them to Jesus.

In Jack Klumpenhower’s excellent book Show Them Jesus, he provides some questions you can use to further discuss a Bible story.

  • What did you learn about Jesus that makes you thankful to him? What opportunities will you have to show your thankfulness this week?
  • What helps from the Spirit can you use to become better servants of God? (prayer, the Bible, support from others in the church)
  • What did you learn about why following Jesus is exciting and worth it?
  • What sometimes feels better than Jesus? Tell about a time when putting him first seemed to cost you too much. How can you believe Jesus is better at those times?
  • What did you learn that might make you scared you aren’t good enough? Be glad you’re forgiven in Jesus!

Happy listening!

7 thoughts on “Jesus is Better Podcast Episode 1: Exodus 1-2 God Protects Moses

  1. Alicia, I believe this will be an interesting and profitable enterprise. I have been extremely grateful that my father used to tell me Bible stories a couple nights a week until I became a teenager.

    1. Thanks, Uncle Paul. What a precious memory about your dad. It’s definitely a mutually beneficial experience.

  2. I am so excited to listen to this podcast with my family! Thank you for all the work you have put into it, and praying that the Lord would continue to inspire and strengthen you as you tell His Story in this new medium!

    1. Thanks, Lydia! I actually found the intro song on a free music archive website. The song is called Sunday Funday by Scott Holmes.

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