From Pain to Freedom

God’s Healing from a Decade of Pain and Worry
From Pain to FreedomEighteen months ago, our son took his first breath. He has learned so much since then–smiling, laughing, rolling over, sitting up, eating solids, crawling, talking, walking, and now climbing. When he was born, I couldn’t picture him doing all the things he can do now. Neither could I have imagined the journey of healing from physical pain and worry God would take me on as my son was experiencing each baby milestone.

My physical pain started back in high school. . .

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*This article was originally published as the May 2015 Rosedale Bible College feature in the Beacon, the newsletter of the Conservative Mennonite Conference.


10 thoughts on “From Pain to Freedom

  1. As a teammate on that trip to Iraq, I can say you blessed us by your presence more than you know! And continue to bless me with your friendship and blog posts. =) I really needed to read this one!


  2. What a beautiful post, Alicia! Thank you for sharing. And how wonderful that your writing has been published in the Beacon newsletter. I know God is using you to encourage so many other people. I’m so happy that you are thriving right along with your beautiful little son. God bless you, Christopher and Isaiah!
    -Susan Canham


  3. Thank you for sharing Alicia, I was very encouraged as I read this blog! It has helped me to put a few things back into perspective. I’m so happy you have started a blog! I enjoy reading them!


  4. Alicia, You have been a blessing to me many times. Thanks for sharing your growing spiritual life. It was a joy to learn that you have some freedom from pain. Much love in Christ.


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