Spotify Playlists

For those of you on Spotify, I’ll link to some of my favorite playlists. 

Christ-centered worship

More Christ-centered worship


Songs for Hard Seasons

Songs based on the Psalms

For teaching kids Scripture and theology

Scripture Lullabies

Fear Not: A Playlist by Scripture Lullabies

Lullabies Without Words

Instrumental Peace

Beautiful Soundtracks

I’ll send out some Christmas and Easter ones when it gets closer to those celebrations, but you can always access them, along with links to other Christ-centered resources on my Resource page.

Who could you send one of these playlists to, or a link to a Christ-centered Youtube video?

P.S. Forgive me if you’ve received this post already in your inbox, but I wanted to send it again because my website was down for a couple days. Thanks for understanding.

Christ’s World

As we wake each morning with the reality of the coronavirus, what reality should also fill our minds? This is Christ’s world. As Jonathan Edwards put it, “The rising and setting of the sun is a picture of the death and resurrection of Christ, the true light of the world.” He is victorious. His yoke, His way is light as we compare it to the weight of glory that is coming for those who are in Christ. A way that trusts Him without having to understand it all, leaning on Him as He makes our paths straight. According to Michael Reeves, “we most honor the Father by sharing his own everlasting delight in his Son.” As these realities capture our thoughts, we will be able to share this truth with the sick, the healthy, and the fearful. Will you take a moment to remember and worship this Christ?