Episode 92: 1 Kings 10-11 Solomon Turns From the Lord

In this episode, we see the sad end to Solomon’s reign as he turns to the gods his wives worshipped and leads the Israelites to do the same. Our actions flow out of what’s in our hearts, and God loves to give us humble hearts as we turn from our sins and remember who He is.

With your kids: Tell God about someone you’ve been struggling to love. Ask Him to give you and that person humble hearts that love God and understand His love for you. 

Episode 91: 1 Kings 8-9 Solomon Dedicates the Temple

In this episode, we look at what kinds of things Solomon prayed for when he dedicated the temple and that God heard Solomon’s prayer and told him to obey and trust Him alone. It’s the same call for us, as we also celebrate Jesus as our Great High Priest.

With your kids: Choose one attribute (a thing that’s true) about who God is. Then praise Him for it and ask for His help to trust Him no matter what happens today.

Episode 90: 1 Kings 4-7 Solomon Builds the Temple

In this episode, God gives Solomon peace and rest from enemies so that he can build God’s temple, but he spends even longer building his own palace. God loves to open our eyes to His kingdom priorities as we read His Word and talk with Him about it.

With your kids: Name one thing you know God wants you to do. Then ask for Him to bear the fruit of the Spirit in your life as you do it.

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Episode 89: 1 Kings 2-3 Solomon Asks For Wisdom

In this episode, Solomon sees how much he needs God’s help and asks for wisdom to rule. We have it even better when we join our lives to Jesus, because He gives us His Holy Spirit to help us to do what’s right.

With your kids: Pick one person you’d like to treat with more kindness and love. Then ask for the Holy Spirit’s ideas, help, and power!

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