Episode 81: God’s Big Story Part 1

This is the first episode in a series through the whole Bible where we look at God’s plan of redemption, and all the times He keeps pursuing the people He created. 

With your kids: Look at the pictures on my website to get some ideas for your own drawings through the Bible. Then get drawing! 

Here are a couple great resources to go along with our series:

The Ology: Ancient Truths, Ever New

Sovereign Grace: The Ology

And the drawings I did using the Good News Bible:

Episode 76: Kids Study the Bible Part 1

This is the first episode in a five part series, teaching kids how to study the Bible on their own (and with a little help from parents). Finn the fish joins this podcast series.

Discussion with your kids: What makes you nervous about studying the Bible on your own? Pray together and ask for God to give you a heart that loves to learn about Him.

Finn the yellow tang fish

Here are a few links to resources mentioned in the series:

Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin

The Bible Project

ESV Study Bible


New International Reader’s Version

Jesus Storybook Bible