Episode 103: 2 Kings 1-2 Elijah is Taken, Elisha Continues

In this episode, God shows His power to Ahaziah and takes Elijah up to heaven, while Elisha continues the ministry. In Christ, we get to be a faithful part of His Body with members from all across the world! 

With your kids: Who are the 5 people you talk to most often each week? Ask God to show you how you can talk with them about how great He is. 

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Episode 98: 1 Kings 18-19 Elijah’s Success and Discouragement

In this episode, we see the way God shows His power and also His personal care for the prophet Elijah. And that He is the only God worthy of worship. 

With your kids: Share with each other one truth God has whispered to your heart recently. 

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Episode 97: 1 Kings 17-18 God Does Miracles Through Elijah

In this episode, I share with Finn about how God sent a drought and did miracles to show people His power, and how He also shows His power today through the Holy Spirit’s presence and work in our lives. 

With your kids: What miracle from the Bible would you have liked to see in person? Thank God for His power back then and that He is the same powerful God today.

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