Episode 68: 2 Samuel 2-3 David Becomes King over Judah

In this episode, we get to learn about the civil war in Israel that occurs when Saul’s son, Ish-Bosheth, tries to become king instead of God’s anointed king, David.

Discussion with your kids: How do we treat others when they’ve done something mean or wrong to us? Why does revenge never work?

Thomas and his wonderful family

Thomas also heads up a website called Lamp Lighters, which is a family devotional program whose sole purpose is to bring your family into God’s story by reading, singing, and praying together. 

“We designed each section to assist the overloaded parent with devoting time consistently to our God. We want to help you plant small seeds into your daily schedule that grow into beautiful gardens that bear fruit in every one of your family member’s lives.  Find out how to get started with this blog post.