Episode 115: 2 Kings 14 and 2 Chronicles 25 Amaziah is Humbled

In this episode, Finn and I talk about who King Amaziah started listening to, and how God loves to help those of us who are joined to him listen to him instead of those who don’t follow Him. 

With your kids: What expression do you think is on God’s face when you sin? 

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Advent Meditations and music

In case you’ve missed these in past years:

Advent Readings for the Very Young

12 Days of Scriptures about Jesus to Meditate on this Christmas

Jesus is Better podcast Christmas episodes:

Episode 95: Luke 1:26-56 An Angel Visits Mary

Episode 42: Luke 1 Jesus is Coming!

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And some more albums I have to listen to during Advent:

Michael W Smith’s Christmas albums with orchestration here and here

Mannheim Steamroller orchestral Christmas arrangements–a mix of classical and rock

Episode 114: 2 Kings 13 God Shows Kindness to Jehoahaz, Jehoash, and Jeroboam

In this episode, Finn and I talk about God’s kindness in rescuing the Israelite kings and how in Christ, we are saved for so much more! 

With your kids: What’s scary about dying? Is there anything you are looking forward to? 

Episode 113: 2 Kings 12 Joash Repairs the Temple But Then Forgets God

In this episode, Finn and I talk about Joash making a good choice to repair the temple, but then turning away from the God who had saved him. Through Jesus, our bodies can now be temples where God’s Spirit lives!

With your kids: Talk about where God has put you right now. What is He calling you to do and how is He calling you to act toward the people around you? 

Episode 112: 2 Kings 11 God Defeats an Evil Grandma and Saves a Boy King

In this episode, God’s promise is threatened when an evil queen tries to keep one of David’s descendants off the throne so she can rule instead. But God kept His promise, and we get to worship the Rescuing King that the Israelites could only dream about. 

With your kids: What do you think it means to be God’s child? Share what you enjoy about being God’s son or daughter. 

Episode 111: God Rescues a Mountain Climber (A Modern Day Miracle)

In this episode, Brian Dickinson shares about how God rescued him on the top of Mt. Everest, and Finn and I discuss the mountain where we will finally get to meet Jesus! 

With your kids: What do you think heaven will be like? Look up some passages about heaven and take some time to imagine what it will be like to finally see Jesus face-to-face.

P.S.  Check out Brian’s website http://briandickinson.net, which has links to his book Blind Descent, his YouVersion devotional and other media.